AI Battleground – Google Bard V Chat GPT and the future of AI!

AI Technology – Problems and Solutions

Since it’s such a hot topic at the moment I thought it would be a good time to write a post regarding the current situation and how I think it can play out in the future.

This is a post written in neutrality, this is my mere thoughts and views on how I think it plays out…. I could be wrong but at least its documented.

We need to go back in time a little, to how we are in this position of using AI on a daily basis. 

Google have been playing around with AI for years and years, I think the main reason they never brought products to market was the lack of clarity on how it could integrate within its search engine without impacting revenues and keeping search results to a high standard. 

I mean being a search engine of Googles magnitude which has always been far superior than any other search engine by a country mile. The revenue it generates, it’s easy to see it impacting its bottom line without the precise ways to implement it, whilst improves users lives, keeping a grasp of revenue models and not acting as a detriment to its contributors. 

I can imagine it being tough for large companies, balancing the threat of competitors whilst improving products. The risk to reward ratio becomes very big up at that end of the game. One slip and you can easily lose $100 billion. This is the same for all companies at that end of the spectrum as we’ve seen repeatedly over the last few years. 

Somewhere I’d like to dance one day, quite a dancer you know haha. (I cant dance… even the thought of it makes me feel weird, even watching other people dance makes me feel weird don’t know why….)

Elon Enters the AI Building 

So this led to Elon Musk deciding that he felt that Google just wouldn’t create a good enough AI system, Elon decided to create Open AI. Investing a large sum of money, upwards of $100 million to create a non profit company to build what he felt would be a superior product.

Now there are 2 sides to this story…..

  1. Since Google’s dominance which includes quite a few products you all know well, they’ve also had a lot of projects not take off like they would have wanted….. I would say that their BCSD ( Build Crazy Shit Department) hasn’t really produced anything of substance, I’ve seen most of the products and none really would of passed design phase. Maybe a couple would of tested the market. Billions spent without any real results…. 
  1. The other side of this is that they created the most superior search engine of all time, with an Algorithm that I know well, its 100 times better than any other search engine ever created, so you could say that they were the perfect company to create a new AI system. To put this in context, Google’s Algorithm is not only 100 times better than other search engines, it is a 1000 times more complex than social media algorithms.  

So there you have 2 sides of the argument, personally I feel that given it was Elon he most probably had a case in what he was saying, merely down to the fact it was him specifically, his knowledge of the future, grasp of technologies and character. 

Sam Enters the AI Building 

Elon decided to bring on Sam Altman, Sam is a successful entrepreneur working his way up to running some of the largest VC funds in the world, Sam in his spare time though is an armageddon fanatic, I don’t know much about this but I’m sure it would be good for the world to know how deep and weird this runs?

After spending years building Open AI, Elon decided to leave as the company wanted to take a for-profit route. I think as I’m writing this Elons intentions were to never build a system for commercial use, but why would you bring on board Sam who is a commercial spearhead for projects with a proven track record? 

Begs the next question, why bring on an armageddon fanatic? 

Was it Elons decision to bring on Sam?

Why wouldn’t of Elon blocked the for-profit arm?

I don’t know the answers to the above questions I’m sure there is an answer out there somewhere….

Another point to make on this subject is Elons quest for it to be a not for profit, because his intentions are clearly to build system to protect. I understand this clearly, thats for further into this post……  

Problem with this though is that I don’t believe the system of safeguarding is going to be found in Chat GPT or Googles Bard system. It’s in the intentions you see, for Chat GPT its to disrupt and Google its to expand its ecosystem. 

Chat GPT launched and it’s been a great success, launching the first few versions of its platform in quick succession.

Bill enters the AI building! 

There then was a knock at the door…… 

Who’s this? Its Bill! 

Bill has funded Chat GPT to the tune of a few Billion….. 

We can delve deeper with Bill, as Bills history involves key components to this story….. 

Bill is a really successful man as you already know, creating and acquiring many large companies in the world. 

I also feel there is an undercurrent with Bill of not quite creating the big ones! Apple which dominates the computer market and sits as the largest Marketcap company in the world, a product that competed with Bill and in large parts and won, although both very successful and Bill did fund Apple when they got into trouble so that was good of him. 

You wouldn’t mind being either…. But to Bill I’m sure there is a feeling of not quite having that market beating, untouchable product built with genius, Apple was by far the superior product and still is today. 

The other would be Bing, that is owned by Bill, they really wanted to clip at Googles heels for many years, without much success, taking very little from the search market. Bings biggest search term is Google… I think that speaks volumes in its self. 

Googles dominance of the search market is so vast that it’s not even a competition, you know they actually built with good intentions, user data protection is way better than social media companies have ever been able to replicate. This is down to how their entire ecosystem works verses social media but I won’t go into that now. It could be another post in its own right. 

Who wins the AI battle? 

I like what AI is able to do in its current form, which is progressing at a fast pace. It gives people the ability to expand their knowledge much quicker than they’ve been able to before. People are able to do this as its knowledge base works differently than that of a search engine and its ability to dive deeper into a question if curiosity expands past its original question. This on a primitive level, gives people the ability to learn more in an engaging way. Google search results are very different to how AI works btw. 

I think if we start at that level of use case then it actually gives us a good marker on the use of AI, because its a next level answering engine for users.

Once you break free from the fundamentals of AI uses, it becomes even more impressive, helping companies with content, marketing, videos, art, software development, code audits and a whole host of problem solving tools that will help a new generation work smarter and harder. It’s now moving onto plugin adoptions which will see its use case expand, I do question some of the ethics but let’s see. 

I see its use case in solving, identifying and producing new cures to diseases as a real positive, I think the Pharmaceutical market will be effected from AI, as it could rewrite solutions that would wipe off 50% of its market share quite easily. I don’t see that as a bad thing really and I have warned about Pharma policies and ethics in the past. I can even see it leading to systematical changes. 

I think Chat GPT has to give its self the best possible chance of success, its key problem for success is the way it’s gone from a non profit to a for-profit. It was never built for this reason and Elon should be refunded as its a for profit now, illegal? Bad energy? Newtons 3rd law? You want to give yourself the best chance for success and refunding Elon makes that possible. If they don’t then I can see their system/model being made obsolete within a few years through innovation. Do we really want an AI system built on bad energy? Refund him and quickly. 

What’s the future for Chat GBT?

I think it will be successful, if they refund Elon, I think it will be one of the systems of the future for developers and it can help in so many ways, past what I’m mentioning above. Thats on the basis that better systems aren’t created and Google doesn’t leap frog them with a better system. It’s also possible that Google builds a system bespoke to their users needs and both become successful in different fields. 

Will Chat GBT become so successful that Bing can take a large market share from Google?

I really don’t think so, the reason being is that Googles ecosystem is vast, it’s not just a search engine, AI can run through its entire ecosystem. Approximately 4 billion users, that is such an excellent starting point for any company in a new tech sector. 

Google will have key metrics to look out for in design and build of the system, plus the vision for the AI systems growth really needs to be on point to take a strangle hold on its market share. That coupled together with genius ways of implementing it into its search and other products should it pull even further away from competitors, if built correctly. 

It’s an exciting time for future generations with the adoption of AI, or is it?

Is Elon right about the dangers of AI?

You have Bill on one hand who isn’t of the same character of people who have the ability to see and write into the future with pure clarity. 

Bill trashed Elons trucks something that was a stroke of pure engineering genius. That coupled together with reusable rockets, a satellite internet system thats a pure marvel and future plans he has….. Is Bill a genius? Can Bill see the future? He just isn’t one of these gifted people, thats the truth…. That doesn’t make him a bad person but the truth is the truth.

I suggest this is Bill’s on going issues with Elon, cutting through the noise and seeing everything for what it is, there has been back and fourth for many years, to the extent that Elon has had many false smear campaigns run about him in the national press and a lack of US government support on certain matters.  Whilst building multiple products that help with the development and progress of sustainable energy, which I’m sure we all agree is important. Even before the purchase of Twitter we had seen the smear campaigns reduce which was nice to see. 

Bill is seeking his moment of being the one, total commercialist without any regard which has been proven with changes in vaccine narratives and lacks fundamental knowledge. After 2 big battle losses which anyone would accept and just be happy. He saw AI as a chance to take on Google, that isn’t bad, thats his prerogative but the future dangers still remain. Spoken by someone in Elon that we’ve all come to respect through innovation and character. Not out for profit, not in the race of capitalism on this subject because it matters. 

What makes it just as disturbing is that Sam kinda of knows the dangers himself, so the dangers are common knowledge within Chat GPT. 

So now we have got to the bottom of this and the underlying issues. 

Yes Elon is right in what he’s saying, he has a track record of technology builds far exceeding any that anyone can argue, he sees where it can possibly go. I say possibly because I believe there are solutions in the future that balance the benefits of AI with a system that can combat the potential risks. 

I agree with him, although we can see huge benefits of using AI that will enhance peoples knowledge, intelligence and help cure diseases, there is a time in the future where this could turn into a real problem. I won’t write the specifics. 

I believe this is a situation where being proactive not reactive like we’ve seen with pretty much every situation in the past, that would of clearly benefitted from a proactive approach, is the best course of action. Reviews on use, system integrations, architecture  and foresight would be a simple baseline for a proactive methodology. 

I would expect us needing a fully operational AI system, built as a safety infrastructure within 3-6-9 years, using new language models, with totally different frameworks, built with good intentions. 

I could write so much about this but I will stop at this point…. As we could start leading into other technology advances.

I hope you’ve found this post useful, feel free to share if you think anyone would find it useful. 

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