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The Revelation of Time and Energy 

I write this today as a guideline or reference for time and energy. Something people can reference if they ever need to question anything or even maybe connect dots in the future, I will try to write in neutrality as best as I can but there is some aspects I struggle with I must admit. 

Time and energy are the 2 components of life, in fact everything is either made up of time or energy, if you look close enough. You could easily criticise this outlook I already know your points, but for the sake of this piece it’s right. 

Time is made up of numbers, many amazing revelations have come through numbers. Calculations that make up most aspects of this world, from the very atoms of our existence to the precise calculations and mysteries of the Pyramids, written text and tablets that have guided us over 1000’s of years, the sheer magnificence of 3-6-9, engineering calculations that have helped us get to the technology levels of today, and many more revelations I’m sure you could add. 

They say that time is a great healer, thats true for some. Unfortunately that isn’t true for all. What do I mean by this?

You can look at many times in history and clearly see that time isn’t a great healer, although we have come so far. People that cant heal they want to recreate situations and simulations of the past. 

Correct situations or perceived injustices that maybe are or aren’t true, or aren’t the best course for humanity. Even connect with each other which isn’t good, it doesn’t solve the underlying issues. 

We just need to look at Ukraine war as good example, invaded by a man that has clear mental health issues. This is something I’ve come to the conclusion through my own deductions not through any narratives. Through the way that you hear them speak, Delusional, no care for his own people, feeding false narratives about the world, Some maybe true but a vast majority are false. I think the lesson in that, is for us, the western world to become better. See and think differently. 

What Russia were claiming was proven to be untrue as time unfolded, it was plan of continuing into Europe. 

How can you support mental health issues of leaders, which are written about and studied over centuries and centuries, proven to be a path to no where.

That isn’t growth that’s just replaying old situations again and again, standing strong on matters isn’t easy but when it’s the right thing to do even in adversity its the best way, the only way. 

The other notable person with mental health problems is Trump, you know if I had written this 6-12 months ago my views would of been different. 

I agree with him on some points, certainly on the lockdown issues I shared his views. They weren’t needed really and caused a lot of problems, still spilling over into the economy today. 

I’ve seen that he’s running again, he’s making some really valid points in his new approach. I do question his motives though and maybe he’s changed but I’m not sure. It’s very easy for him to pick up on many issues we face/faced, I do wonder what his first pre election points were before getting into power versus what was delivered mind. I don’t know the answer to this but I’m sure others do. Few questions I would want answering are;

  1. Why did you have to tweet nonsense every morning to feel relevant as a president? Wasn’t being president enough? Do you think it’s appropriate as a president with the world watching?
  2. Can you explain that bizarre video 2 days into the Ukraine war?
  3. When meeting the pope why did you not show respect? You respect cultures, faiths and religions, everyone should. 
  4. Putin taking a liking to Trump is based on the wild things he’s says see, I watched a video of Putin sniggering at things Trump says. He had a look of “I know I’m crazy but this guy! makes me look mildly sane, where have you been all my life” What is that? Is this where we are as a world?

Maybe this time he means what he’s saying in the run up, I don’t know I do question it though given the above. He acts like its a show to get the cheers from people sometimes. He knows what to say thats for sure, to trigger people. Yet he can be triggered quite easily too, that isn’t good. Especially in current climates. 

He makes points on matters that he doesn’t understand properly and uses them as trigger tools, that I think is a bit useless as people will wise up to it. 

I do feel writing this is a good marker, for time to tell…. 

This doesn’t mean I’m sticking up for other sides it just means that I see problems thats all. You will see that I tackle the other issues below. 

The western world is supposed to stand for freedom, we are supposed to have more advanced civilisations, be better, I think if you compare our lives to that of citizens in countries like Russia and China you’d appreciate the freedoms we do have and fought for…. You cannot pass off some of their behaviours as culture, it just isn’t true. Maybe that changes with time for the better, I’m sure it will with time. 

If we constantly looked back on history then it just becomes a blame game, you can look at any countries past and ask questions. Likewise you can also look back and learn valuable lessons and build a better future. Use time to your advantage not disadvantage through deluded tales or fabrications of the truth. That doesn’t get us anywhere.

Yet we’ve seen the past few years throw our economies into chaos through poor management of Covid and seen as an opportunity for profit and money printing. When really the main objective should of been vaccine, education, future protection plans and economy stabilisation. 

Time has shown us the problems it’s caused. I also understand it threw leaders into a time of chaos, the vaccine at the time was something of hope. We don’t need panic from government we need foresight and strength. 

Even governments aren’t free anymore and that isn’t a good energy, how can you craft a new world with commercial ties? You’re unable to make big decisions and take clear directions, due to ties. Time has made this a reality. 

You should know sectors very well, add value and be able to make decisions for the country in neutrality and foresight, not because you have prior funding obligations. 

It begs the question why we even bother having different parties? None of it really matters as it seems to just be a game of musical chairs with very little in terms of vision and problem solving. Although I would say even in the mists of chaos, some policies have got better over the last few years. Time has shown and forced it in some cases. Like we’ve seen with renewable energies. 

If you can build something and it takes up less resources thats really cool, if you can create new methods of transportation that don’t involve fossil fuels thats really cool too! If you can reduce our overall usages then it makes for a better future. It gives more time to create long term solutions. Everyone one should do their bit when possible. 

There is real economic puzzles to solve in the future, something thats going to take special vision and new levels of creativity to keep society as a whole content. Whilst making new sectors safe and sustainable. I think if governments are more open with problems and provide clearer metrics of success, people would be more open to listening. 

I think it’s important for everyone to understand this, as it tells many tales of life and with the way the world is changing, it’s more important now than ever. In a world of chaos, we need clarity. 

To do that you need systems of trust, transparency, truth, reduction in double standards and that goes for everyone. Although we are only likely to see that from the western world, although I hope that isn’t the case. Because there will be times they will need us. 

Time is a metric of age, as we grow older we should learn more. Learn from our mistakes and build a better future for ourselves. Time spent well makes for a great life, a happy life, a content life. If your happiness comes from control then you’ll see that slip further away, if your happiness comes from building better and genuinely enjoying life, then that will grow. Define your own happiness and make a difference. 

There is a difference between order and control, I think order is for the greater good and control leads to unrest and chaos. 

We enter a new age of technologies that can help or hinder us. This is as important as ever, as over the next decade we will see advances that can push us forward centuries or move us back centuries. I think its imperative we find a middle ground, not just a middle ground but clear systematic methods of development. I think now we need foresight more than we’ve ever needed it before. 

The world is a great place and it should be enjoyed by all and we should help the people that want and need help. That isn’t weakness its strength. Tackle all the problems we face with a higher sense of knowledge.

Time should teach us lessons if anything, the right lessons, it can lead us to a better or worse world based on energies. Let’s make the right choices, build the right systems, choose the right energies. 

We all have great qualities, it’s time for them to shine through, rather than the routes we take at times. There has to be clear steps forward, always. 

Some of us have children, some may want children in the future, some of us have grandchildren, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we bear this in mind when making decisions for the future. To not only make their lives better but for many more generations to come. 

We are all made of energy, energy is what makes the world go around. It’s an invisible force that can make the most remarkable events take place. 

“He who seeks the truth without judgement, for the sole purpose to assist in the development of technology, humanity and education always lives in a state of gratitude, don’t you see?

“Know your space and build into the future with pure clarity, taking all aspects into consideration” 

Stay tuned to learn more about the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Dimensions!