Common Queries

Frequently Asked Questions

In our Frequently Asked Questions section we will try to answers as many questions as possible, we will update it as more questions come in to provide a resource centre for our community and new community members.

Yes, we have a background in marketing and specialist assistance from key players within the space. We plan to start with community growth very soon, this will then follow with publications, influencers, event marketing and paid media. All leading up to our project launches and exchange listings. We have some really special product launch partnerships which is just as valuble as marketing plans as it will lead to the project sucess.  

The market conditions declined when problems started with Luna and continued to get worse, even up to the FTX issues a few months ago. We took the decision to keep building partnerships and technologies. We feel this was a wise choice as market sentiment was low, launching a start up in a low sentiment market we felt wasn’t a great idea. It proved to be right as we’ve made huge progress and look forward to launching on exchanges in Q3 of 2023. This gives us the opportunity the build a community before exchange launches. 

Our current market cap is $1,000,000 this will increase drastically when we start our community growth, marketing campaigns and launch on exchanges. 

The current token price is $0.15 this will rise as our project becomes more known. We currently have an allocation of tokens on the staking platform for community members to purchase. Its currently via BNB which can be purchased on most major exchanges.

The market cap is $1,000,000 because we’ve used our own funds and raised funds through company equity and a small private token round($160,000). We are still raising privately through our token. We will update as the market cap increases. The other reason is we decided not to launch on exchange due to market volatility, We expect the market to stabilise shortly and increase upwards as we launch products. Getting into projects that are high quality and low market cap is the aim of the game for generational wealth.


The only way to invest currently is via our staking platform, you have the option to buy and redeem every quarter or the option to buy tokens and stake. Staking tokens means you’ll be rewarded with a DPY yield and gain access to further rewards within our ecosystem. You can visit connect your wallet and buy tokens ahead of anyone else. 

We think the biggest reasons is our passion, skills and vision to build technologies for the future, whilst having a series of excellent project launches already being built. This coupled together with partnerships already secured and even more technology upgrades in the roadmap means we will always be evolving our ecosystem. 

You can keep up to date with progress by following us on social media channels. You can also sign up to our email newsletter which will provide updates as we progress. Or Telegram or Discord?

You can get involved with Funganomics in many different ways. We are constantly on the look out for quality team members, brand ambassadors and community members. If you would like to find out more be sure to get in contact with us through our email [email protected] or through our social channels. 

We hope to launch the NFT Marketplace later this year, ideally around Q3 of this year. This will depend on market conditions and additional builds within our ecosystem. We’ll keep you posted as we progress.

First thing to do is follow us on socials and sign up to our newsletter. We will provide updates as we continue to build. Our membership will be limited so make sure to follow us on socials and complete your details down when we are ready.

Yes, you’ll gain access to whitelists by holding and discounts on NFT selected collections! 

We hope to launch our first game at the end of 2023. The date may change due to build technicalities within the game and our larger ecosystem builds but this is the date we’ve set. 

Yes! We will launch our first Metaverse in conjunction with one of our social media partners. They’ve partnered with top titles such as Fortnite! We will see over 3,000,000 users to our launch on day one! 

We hope to have our first Metaverse live next year ideally Q1 of 2024.

We’ll look to launch our digital wallet within Q3 of 2023 potentially sooner! Stay tuned for more information. 

Once our wallet is tested and approved, we welcome users to test our wallet we’ll even provide rewards to users if they can spot any issues or suggest improvements. 

We’ll provide a deeper dive more nearer the time, giving a breakdown of how it works, how it differs and some test examples. 

No planned date as yet, we will work on our layer 2 project whilst we build within the ecosystem. 

As our project progresses and scales, we feel it’s important to have a network built to our exact needs. It also helps us reduce costs, provide security and stabilise our ecosystem. 

We will keep investors up to date with company changes as they happen. For now we have an over arching outline for our economics with more details to follow as we launch products.

We think that AI can be a great resource for technological development across many sectors. I would even go so far to say that AI over the next decade will actually solve many problems that humanity has been unable to solve. I also recognise that it can potentially cause problems in the future, I believe these problems can be solved with more advanced AI systems. 

We already do, we will continue to integrate more and more solutions as our ecosystems grows, when we have systems that we believe will help our community and the wider world, we will let you know.