Funganomics® Game Changing Ecosystem for NFTs and NFT Gaming

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Funganomics® Game Changing Ecosystem for NFTs and NFT Gaming

Doubtless you’ll already be aware of the successes that NFTs, P2E Games and Marketplace platforms as separate sector entities have seen. The incredible token appreciation related to the likes of Opensea, Axie Infinity and Bored Ape Yacht Club ensured that early investment at Private Sale/ PreSale/ ICO stage brought incredible ROI. Clearly this gives us a snapshot of the kind of return that can be seen when a discerning investor takes an early vested interest into a project that will offer a valuable service, a sector relevant uniqueness or an enjoyable and profitable user experience.

Those of us that weren’t involved in those projects at early stages can either look back with regret or look forward learning valuable lessons that allow us to take advantage of projects that show even more potential for these incredible successes. At Funganomics® we’re definitely the latter of the two.

*We have both open and closed NFT drops allowing the freedom for some minted NFTs to be traded externally on alternate marketplaces while some are traded within our own Ecosystem marketplace. This is part of our strategic plan for company growth

*Our debut game offering Funganomics Ultimate Showdown (FUS) possesses far more opportunity for in-game engagement whilst offering a system of scalability

* We have far more utility associated with our NFTs than some of the most popular and expensive NFT collections that are in the marketplace today

Funganomics® presents the next generation of platform. An Ecosystem where NFTs, P2E games and a Marketplace is fully integrated with each others’ technologies and fortified with integration into our back-end gaming engine and Augmented reality platform. But it doesn’t stop there. We have developments in the pipeline for future game releases that present a variety of genres across Arcade, VR and AR experiences under our FGS Games® brand. 

Our Marketplace platform Fungatopia® is specifically geared to help brands and artists across the spectrum of genres, scale. When considering investment in a token at early stages we should be mindful that there is not only a future plan but a structured and detailed Roadmap that outlines the future of a project/projects, what potential value it carries for its investors, its coin utility, its unique features and consider whether it provides a progressive and ever-evolving Ecosystem that has the potential of exponential growth within the sector as it’s planned future technologies reveal themselves.

It is beyond exciting to disclose that Funganomics® are incredibly close to our PreSale phase and so this news brings with it the opportunity to be part of a project that has all the potential to supersede past and present projects. Why? Unlike the vast majority of projects past and present our Token PreSale is not based on speculative tech years in the future but rather it is solidly backed by our existing technologies:

*A complete/ built Marketplace platform Fungatopia® ready for Beta testing

*Completed debut NFT collection of 10,000 mints across 8 characters with traits ready for drop

*Augmented Reality platform that is very near completion and Beta testing

*Back-end gaming engine FGS Engine offering hosting services to external Game Developers

*Token utility and NFT utility that integrates across all of our technologies to enhance the value of our Ecosystem and future proof the business

*With a PreSale Token offering of $0.10 I’m sure you can draw your own discerning conclusions in relation to where we and our community are headed.

Early bird investors can look to the future with true excitement being safe in the knowledge that:

*We have created for you the most utility driven platform to date within the NFT and P2E space Fungatopia® , FGS Games® and Fungality® with unparalleled functionality, AR integrated, its user friendly (and it looks fantastic too)

*We have leveraged opportunities within the NFT, P2E Gaming, Marketplace and Augmented Reality sectors to provide an integrated Ecosystem that promises to be exciting and engaging driven by various specific divisions under the Funganomics® brand.

*FGS Games® has a separate specialist division Fungality® that will bring Virtual and Augmented Reality P2E Gaming experiences to follow our debut P2E offering Funganomics Ultimate Showdown (FUS).

We all know that the decision to invest early in the right project is key; as our CEO Jeremy Roberts says:

“Most traditional & conforming PreSales follow a certain pattern that by and large presents a concept that has yet to be built. This can be somewhat of a speculative ‘punt’ relying heavily on the promise of delivery for the tech outlined in a Blockchain projects’ Whitepaper.  At Funganomics we’ve turned that model on its head electing not to conform; designing, building and completing technologies BEFORE we commence our PreSale activities.

In this way we offer a totally new strategic approach demonstrating not only our commitment to this project but also validating our offerings in an established market with true credible and EXISTING tech to fully support our PreSale offering. Early investment in a project with this much potential and at this phase…well that’s where the magic happens”

To join our Presale: Presale offer 


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