Partnership Announcement

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Partnership Announcement

Creator Approval: PremiumBrownBoyNFTs

Our mission of building an ecosystem for the future of NFTs, NFT Gaming and the Metaverse continues, and today we are proud to announce an exciting development in the process – the approval of a new creator partner, PremiumBrownBoy!

PBB’s journey as an NFT creator has been an exciting and eventful one. Considered an ‘OG’ of the Layer 2 NFT arena, he has been an officially recognised featured artist within the Loopring community and is now an approved creator on the exclusive GameStop NFT Marketplace during its beta phase.

Other than his enthusiasm for creating top quality 3D NFTs, what attracted us to PBB was the level of diversity and innovation across his portfolio of NFT collections. Rather than being tied down to one concept PBB has explored multiple ideas and styles, from hatching monster NFTs to augmented reality. This willingness to experiment and deliver new experiences has brought him an avid community of fans.

We are keen to continue pioneering the next generation of technology which can bring NFTs to life. Working with creatives like PBB means we can tap into what creators are looking for, and we can provide the toolkit required to build an interactive space for their customers to enjoy their NFTs in!

PBB dreams of his fans entering the ‘Premo-verse’ and unlocking special skins, perks or traits just for holding his NFTs. Imagine getting access to the same avatar traits as your Premo Head NFTs. Imagine unlocking exclusive weapons or costumes with MetaNinja NFTs. Imagine bringing monsters to aid you in battle with Hatchables NFTs. Imagine earning extra experience during special events in-game for holding a Celebratory Coin NFT.

There is a lot of work ahead of us, but the possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to help creators like PBB build their dreams!

Owning Funganomics tokens means you’ll have access to a rebate model through our NFT platform, 0.6% of transaction fees are distributed back to token holders! Plus you earn additional tokens via staking.

Can you become part of the Funganomics ecosystem by visiting FGS Staking

Connect your trust wallet or Metamask wallet on the Binance chain and buy tokens with BNB.

Here is our PD for a overview of the project Pitchdeck

Here is a breakdown of Funganomics ecosystem.

Funganomics® is a company comprised of talented and passionate blockchain, software and gaming developers who are collectively building a premier NFT ecosystem, designed to support their vision for the future of NFTs, NFT Gaming and the Metaverse.


Fungatopia® is a multi-network, multi-format ‘future-proofed’ NFT marketplace! Fungatopia® will specialise in NFT drops directly to our community members from our own ecosystem and our partners; Fungatopia® is a core component within the Funganomics® ecosystem as interoperability with FGS Games® and Fungality® is key. A series of platform upgrades have been allocated for 2023.

FGS Games

FGS Games®: Funganomics® has a team of highly skilled blockchain gaming developers having worked on some of the leading games within the space. FGS Games® is a gaming division as well as a gaming engine. As we build games within the sector we will assist partners and developers to create more advanced and sustainable blockchain gaming economies.


Fungality® is our Virtual and Real world reality division. After already completing phase 1 of our Augmented Reality platform with the next build stages in the pipeline, Fungality® is already looking toward the future of the alternate reality space, providing high tech solutions for our partners to run alongside those that we provide within our own ecosystem.

Here are some video highlights of the Funganomics ecosystem.

You can take a look at what Funganomics are building in the Whitepaper 

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