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Showdown (FUS)

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Web-based Gaming

Undoubtedly the best way to experience gameplay is by using a Desktop to maximise your gaming experience. The game has been built with desktop gaming in mind and as such offers the very best of its gameplay via this method. With more allowance for dexterity you are free to take full advantage of your characters attacks, defences and signature moves with more visual feedback from your desktop monitor screen while you Play To Earn your rewards.

Mobile Applications

As part of the Funganomics® ecosystem we will roll out blockchain enabled mobile applications for system integration. This means that for those without the ability to utilise a desktop or those times that Mobile Gameplay is more logistically viable (during work commute, travel time etc) you will find our future mobile applications meet your needs. Whether accessing via your cell phone or tablet our current and future games can be accessed and played remotely and while on the move so you do not miss out on your daily gameplay.

Current Projects


Our premier and initial game offering FUS is primarily a combat game. This much beloved genre has proven over time to be amongst the most popular with gaming enthusiasts. FUS is a game of skill and as such you’ll need to hone your combat skills with the variety of moves that accompany your character choice. To help you perfect your ability to execute your characters moves in combat you will be provided access to a practice arena to ensure that your offensive and defensive moves are a second nature when the time comes that you are called to battle!

Augmented Reality from FUNGALITY

Whilst Virtual Reality games require specialised VR headsets, only some augmented reality systems use them. AR is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. Sometimes this is across multiple sensory modalities not often considered including: visual, auditory, haptic and olfactory with additional somatosensory functions being the ability to interpret most bodily sensations in general. Basic AR gaming ordinarily therefore, is the integration of 2 of these senses; game visual and audio with the user’s invironment in real time. munity Members.

Funganomics® have the clear intent of exploring all of these gaming opportunities along our long term roadmap to bring you new and exciting sensory AR games. Funganomics® are proud to state and execute our promise to be an ever evolving ecosystem for our Community Members

Future Releases

Virtual Reality from FUNGALITY

As the pinnacle of gaming engagement Virtual Reality is the creation of a virtual environment presented to our senses in such a way that we experience it as if we were there in person by artificially accounting for both cognition and human perception. At present it is the forerunning technology of reality emulation and uses a vast array of technologies to achieve the experience.

At Funganomics® we are aware of the potential that the Metaverse brings and by developing our VR and AR division Fungality we are horizontally aligning our platform to be equipped, prepared and poised to welcome this technology for the benefit of our Member Community. 

Future games from Funganomics® will leverage the power of VR and maximise its potential via our purpose built VR games. Genres of Sports, Combat, Racing, Entertainment and Architecture are just some of the verticals within which we can utilise the technology to create immersive experiences for our Member Community. 


A future release will see Sports as an alternative genre for those that share this passion. Here you will be able to pit your skills via various sporting activities against others within the Funganomics® Community. Will you be shooting your last hoop in the final seconds of play, hitting your final home run or shooting for your last goal to earn your FUS rewards? There will be many games to suit your favourite sporting bias and we will always be listening on the Funganomics® Discord to ensure we meet your expectations, provide satisfaction, add real value and provide the desired entertainment for your Community Membership

Architecture & Building

For those with a creative disposition you may prefer to build upon virtual land to create your own self built environment whether separate or as part of a community. This may include the ability to occupy these lands with a population of your choosing while designing your own desired avatar & persona to interact with other Community Members. There can be various ways of earning rewards in this fashion. Perhaps you choose to create and role-play as your unique minted avatar that has desirable traits and possessions and furthermore place it on Fungatopia as a saleable NFT!

Card Game

To meet the expectations of those within our Community that have preference to card strategy games Funganomics® will develop a game that has a card based model. In this fashion rewards will be earned with a strategic approach based on variable card traits. Play to collect, play to trade on the Funganomics® NFT Marketplace; Fungatopia or choose to trade on open marketplaces.

General Entertainment

Whether the game provides a quest directive leading you to game completion, puzzle & problem solving, racing, action / adventure, shooting, real-time strategy, or RPG Funganomics® FGS Games have a clear ambition to provide gaming experiences across the spectrum of genres ensuring that Community Membership provides you with the opportunity to earn the rewards you desire within the game setting that best suits you.

We have many games at seed concept and development stages that we are excited to bring to our Community Members as you walk alongside us on our journey.

In line with these developments and our ever evolving directive as a company strategic imperative the value of the Funganomics® brand will substantially increase and therefore the value of our coin. What a great time to get involved!

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