Funganomics - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has a true use case within our ecosystem, AI actually spans right across our ecosystem as we move further towards product launches and further product development.

AI in the present is a key tool for company efficiencies, content production and software development. 

For us here at Funganomics AI can be used in similar ways plus new and exciting ways, for us at Funganomics its exciting. It gives us the ability to grow at a faster rate than we initially imagined.

AI Responsibility

When we think of building AI technology, we also need to be mindful of future implications, as we’ve seen lots of valid points made by many people regarding safety. We do think its way further into the future and whilst building we’ll actually help to build systems that can help safeguard and improve systems. 

AI Gaming

Working Process

We think that AI can be a great resource for technological development across many sectors. I would even go so far to say that AI over the next decade will actually solve many problems that humanity has been unable to solve. I also recognise that it can potentially cause problems in the future, I believe these problems can be solved with more advanced AI systems. 

We already do, we will continue to integrate more and more solutions as our ecosystems grows, when we have systems that we believe will help our community we will let you know. 

AI can be used in many aspects of gaming, we have scalable systems for gaming already that AI will enhance. 

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