Digital Wallet

Losing assets isn’t fun at all, we’ve all had it happen at one time or another, from network selection errors or bad actors. Our new wallet solves these problems, helping you keep your assets safe and secure with an uplifting peace of mind. Replacing the need for complicated and sometimes risky cold storage wallets. Whilst giving you a host of token swap features.


Digital wallets have been a key concern for users over the last few years. The volume of unauthorised transactions and phishing scams has been on the rise. The new Funganomics digital wallet takes away all the these problems and puts users back in control, the way it should of always been.

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Digital Wallet Questions

We’ll look to launch our digital wallet within Q3 of 2023 potentially sooner! Stay tuned for more information. 

Once our wallet is tested and approved, we welcome users to test our wallet we’ll even provide rewards to users if they can spot any issues or suggest improvements. 

We’ll provide a deeper dive more nearer the time, giving a breakdown of how it works, how it differs and some test examples. 

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