Web 3 Gaming

Funganomics see’s gaming as an ideal opportunity to leverage web 3 technologies to create new and exciting games that balance fun, gameplay and economics to create a new era of blockchain gaming.

Gaming is going to get a lot more fun with Funganomics through our gaming division FGS Games. Building a new era of top titles with our next generation technologies. Built with love, dedication, intricate detailing and sustainable economics. Made for all gamers across all platforms, all made possible by our scalable systems and softwares.

We see many opportunities within gaming to make new games that capture players imagination, whilst providing ecosystems that entice players of all abilities to become better players. 

Benefits of Web 3 Gaming

Web 3 gaming offers a whole host of gamer benefits. Although gamers haven’t really adapted to Web 3 gaming yet, as games and economies develop, we are likely to see more adoption. Like most blockchain projects the key mission is to provide more flexibility, power and anonymity to users and gamers. 

Web 3 Gaming Questions

We hope to launch our first game at the end of 2023. The date may change due to build technicalities within the game and our larger ecosystem builds but this is the date we’ve set. 

You can keep up to date with progress by following us on social media channels. You can also sign up to our email newsletter which will provide updates as we progress. 

You can get involved with Funganomics in many different ways. We are constantly on the look out for quality team members, brand ambassadors and community members. If you would like to find out more be sure to get in contact with us through our email [email protected] or through our social channels. 

Team Members