Funganomics Investors

We wanted to create a page dedicated to investors, as with any project investors play a key role. If you’re already an investor this page can act as a reference, if you’re not currently an investor then you can find out more about becoming an investor and the benefits. 

Investing in the crypto market can be challenging at the best of times. Sifting through projects, listing to friends or peers opinions about a whole host of different factors that can make a token increase in price. 

Thats once you’ve cut through the noise of when the market is in better times and gone through a barrage of FUD in the national news! 

Key Sucess Metrics 

Building for the future

Funganomics isn’t some quick fix project, we are looking to build a meaningful ecosystem that will stand the test of time, whilst solving key issues within blockchain. 

Creating something of this magnitude isn’t an overnight process and it doesn’t suit the type of investors that are looking for a quick and easy profit. 

Having said that we have an ecosystem that has many positive milestones that we believe will lead to positive impacts in our token price. Through coverage, user adoption and economics. That coupled together with an ecosystem thats build for expansion gives investors many positive milestones achieved within project development. 

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Investor Questions

The current token price is $0.15 a fair reflection of where we are in our development plan. As you can see from the above graphic we have a very low market cap and a vast ecosystem that beats most in the space. 

We expect to list on exchanges later this year, we will look to tie in our exchange launch with our NFT marketplace launch. 

We have a detailed marketing plan that will start shortly with community growth. This will help us gain an active community following. Once thats achieved we’ll start creating a wider spread audience around product launches and exchange listings through influencers and traditional media. 

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