Funganomics Layer 2 Solution

When you think of blockchain networks you usually think of a network being built, then projects being built over the top of it. Its typically how blockchain networks work. For Funganomics we’ve worked backwards and for good reason. See without building your front end projects you don’t actually know the scope of what you want to build. By building our frontend projects first we know exactly the Layer 2 architecture solution we require within our ecosystem. 

Key Use case for our lAYER 2

The main use case for our layer 2 solution is Web 3 gaming, as our games become popular and adoption increases, we need to make sure that our costs are kept low and we have 100% or near as to 100% uptime within our ecosystem. Anything less will see a drop off in users and hinder adoption. 

The other key reason is we can actually vet which projects get accepted within our ecosystem, this is important as we’ve seen that open free networks come with a whole heap of issues. Thats not to say we won’t have other network bridges as there are many great projects within blockchain too. 

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Layer 2 Questions

No planned date as yet, we will work on our layer 2 project whilst we build within the ecosystem. 

We haven’t got to that stage yet, it’s quite likely a coin will be issued the details surrounding the economics and use case are still to be crafted. 

As our project progresses and scales, we feel it’s important to have a network built to our exact needs. It also helps us reduce costs, provide security and stability in our ecosystem. 

Yes thank you! It’s not possible through layer 1 solutions but its certainly possible through a layer 2 solution with a bit of creativity. 

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