Funganomics Metaverse

Funganomics isn’t just building next generation AAA games O no! Funganomics is actually building a series of games and Metaverses. Why? Because thats what we see as the future, new and exciting worlds where people can trade, play and explore. 

The Metaverse has many meanings to different people, we see the Metaverse new era of gaming, interactive worlds that when combined make up the Metaverse aka The Fungaverse!

Benefits Of Our Meteverse

Our Metaverse will bring new and innovative worlds, which look to capture the imagination of everyone that enters. Whether your a child, partner or even a grand parent there will be something for everyone to do. 

Metaverse Questions

We hope to have our first Metaverse live next year ideally Q1 of 2024.

Yes! We will launch our first Metaverse in conjunction with one of our social media partners. They’ve partnered with top titles such as Fortnite! We will see over 3,000,000 users to our launch on day one! 

Investors benefit by the ecosystem expanding, more users in the ecosystem using our technologies and purchasing items. This means investors will benefit across our ecosystem. 

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