NFT Marketplace Overview

With the anticipated launch our NFT marketplace later this year, with a newly designed front end and whole series of platform upgrades for NFT savvy Investors and traders. Creative and exclusive NFT collections that you’ll want to make sure you grab at launch.

We believe that NFTs will hold an intrinsic value to investors and consumers over the next decades. With this in mind we want to build a NFT marketplace thats stands the tests of time. 

Benefits of our NFT Marketplace

Our NFT Marketplace provides new NFT collections with new features and economies that hold value to investors. Whilst also providing a home for our NFT collections linked to our gaming division FGS Games

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NFT Marketplace Questions

We hope to launch the NFT Marketplace later this year, ideally around Q3 of this year. This will depend on market conditions and additional builds within our ecosystem. We’ll keep you posted as we progress.

First thing to do is follow us on socials and sign up to our newsletter. We will provide updates as we continue to build. Our membership will be limited so make sure to follow us on socials and complete your details down when we are ready.

Yes, you’ll gain access to whitelists by holding and discounts on NFT selected collections! 

Yes, we have multiple partnerships as well as our own in-house collections to drop. We’ll provide more details more nearer the time. Some really exciting NFT projects will drop so stay tuned.

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