Scalable & Sustainble Economics

Our ecosystem will have a variety of economic models, each individual to the role it plays in our ecosystem. What makes this interesting is that we can craft models using a multi segmented ecosystem. This provides a vary of benefits to our investors as it’s the entire ecosystem that benefits from each and every segmented section of economics though our series of technologies. 

Benefits Of Our Economics

We’ve seen a variety of economic models built within gaming, some more successful than others. We feel a more stabilised and sustainable approach to economics will help with the adoption of blockchain gaming. That being said we also see the advantages of more scalable economic models, the beauty of our ecosystem, technologies and variety of gaming solutions means we can actually vary our models. This gives us many possibilities for scale as we build more technologies. 

AI Gaming
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Economy Questions

We will keep investors up to date with company changes as they happen. For now we have an over arching outline for our economics with more details to follow as we launch products.

We feel that gaming has the larger impact to our economy, given the fact that there is over 3 billion gamers which will rise to 3.5 billion over the coming years. 

Thats entirely up to you, we’ve seen in the past that the earlier you enter quality projects the more you gain. we haven’t reached exchanges yet but will look to soon. Get in early and spread the word! 

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