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Funganomics® is a technology based company focused on key areas of growth within the Blockchain sector, introducing a revolutionary and highly scalable NFT and Play-To-Earn (P2E) Ecosystem. 

We are actively building fresh, innovative, fun and engaging products within the NFT/P2E Universe that fully integrate with our cutting-edge, next generation platform Fungatopia, inherently primed for our FGS gaming division.

As part of our commitment to helping develop the future of NFTs, P2E gaming and cryptocurrency as a whole, we are also creating a versatile gaming engine that will host third-party gaming and app companies who wish to enter the P2E space. 

We are a group of Blockchain, gaming and software enthusiasts who are incredibly passionate about the future of Funganomics® the possibilities it offers to consumers, businesses and society on a global scale. As such we are dedicated 24×7 to trailblazing within the sector.

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NFT Platform

Building an NFT platform for the future. An NFT platform designed to help artists, brands and celebrities transition into NFT’s. A multi network platform that enables NFT collectors across different networks to buy and trade NFT’s without the limits of a singular network restrictions. Sleek front end design backed with features and functions to assist in the future development of the space.

Augmented Reality

Integrating AR and Blockchain Technology - 4th generation application based Augmented Reality platform providing an innovative ecosystem to assist in the development of blockchain integration within society.

Play To Earn (FUS)

FUS is a web based game using the base fundamentals of old arcade style game play with modern advancements within the Blockchain sector. Merging these 2 key components enables us to build out a reward based game for all users. FUS will bring new levels of thrills, fun and excitement to the PTE gaming world with daily rewards for winning fights. Team engagement for large prizes through Monthly Clan Leagues and exciting Battle Royals at timed intervals to really heat up play.



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  • NFT Platform Launch
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  • Gaming Animations
  • Exchange Listing
  • Staking Platform


  • Gaming Roadmap Continued
  • Merchandise
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  • Marketplace Upgrades
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Bitcoin.com Coinspeaker CoinCheckup Coincodex Blockonomi Investing.com Coinquora TechBullion Bitcoinist.com
As Seen On
Bitcoin.com Coinspeaker CoinCheckup Coincodex Blockonomi Investing.com Coinquora TechBullion Bitcoinist.com


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Pre Sale

Public Sale



Play To Earn


Augmented Reality


Platform & Marketing


Vesting Period Presale:
25% Allocated On Purchase 25% Released Per Quarter


Jeremy Roberts CEO

Jeremy is the Founder and CEO of Funganomics. He is the Blockchain visionary who conceptualised the company’s mission and is spearheading development of its product portfolio. Jeremy’s Crypto-evangelism fuels his obsession to assemble and lead a world-class team in crafting new technology that is propelling the Blockchain sector into the mainstream for the benefit of all humankind. He has extensive professional experience in a wide variety of roles, all of which have been geared towards delighting and empowering his customers via technology enablement. 

Len Martin CSO

Len Martin is Funganomics’ Chief Strategy Officer. He is responsible for strategy formulation and management, overseeing strategic planning and leading strategic initiatives, including M&A, transformation, capital raises, partnerships and alliances. Len is a Blockchain enthusiast, private investor and advisor with more than 25 years of experience assisting companies in corporate development & strategy, technology, operations and sales.

Shane Price Sales Director

Shane is the company’s Sales Director, accountable for propelling and supporting the organic growth of Funganomics’ core business. His 20+ years of experience in sales and marketing is grounded by a successful track record of consistently driving profitable revenue increases, year-over-year. Shane simultaneously demonstrates the unique ability to function at an executive level, while maintaining a tenacity and zeal for important details that ultimately bring about the closure of significant, “win-win” deals on behalf of his company. He is also an Ethereum enthusiast and self-proclaimed “gym rat”.

Ravi Kumar CTO

Since his early childhood, our Chief Technology Officer has been completely obsessed with computers. As he progressed through the years, Ravi became consumed with mastering a deep understanding of various computing protocols and, specifically, how languages such as Solidity, Go, Node.JS and others could construct complex and powerful software propelling businesses to uncharted growth. Fast-forward to today’s current world of Blockchain frameworks…  Ravi is now a critical and highly-valued company leader leveraging all of his substantial technical skills and extensive Crypto experience to bring about our Founder’s creative, altruistic and ambitious vision for the world of Funganomics.

Rafael Riquelme Platform Director

Rafael has a wealth of experience specifically within the NFT space. A valued member of the team who will help guide us through our company development and help with day to day management of the project and partners.

Ryan Mclean Head of Design

Like William Shakespeare, there are some people who have an incredible gift for writing. Others, such as Van Gogh, are remarkable painters. Funganomics is fortunate indeed to have Ryan on our team, an individual possessing a brilliant, innate talent and vision for creating truly spectacular websites, user interfaces and other digital products. He has worked side-by-side in partnership with our Founder for well over a decade, and the projects Ryan is currently developing on behalf of our Community members are one-of-a-kind and simply stunning… just wait and see!

Brett Smith CISO

Nothing is more important to Funganomics than both the security and privacy of our valued customers’ information. These issues are precisely what Brett solely focuses on each and every day. He is a seasoned and gifted computer security and risk professional who diligently implements a philosophy of prevention-over-detection. His experience comprises networks, enterprise-wide systems, vulnerability management, incident response and forensic analysis. We all sleep soundly each night knowing Brett is on the job.  

Ivan Fields Community Manager

Ivan is responsible for community management through our social channels, assisting moderators and dealing with general day to day community announcements and news. Ivan is also a crypto investor who understands day trading and crypto cycles.

Richard Ellis Digital Marketing Executive

Whether it be YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Meta or any other social media platform, Richard is a battle-tested and proven digital channel marketing “guru” in each and every one of these online spaces. He has been a true pioneer in this field for more than 15 years, planning and implementing wildly successful advertising and awareness campaigns, one of which recently resulted in the largest Crypto Token sale of 2021.

Leah Rogers Video Production Manager

Leah has a true passion for video production. Leah has worked on many internet adverts, internet promotions and always likes to keep herself up to date with the latest trends within the video production sector.

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