“Blockchain technology gives us a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a new era of consumer based ecosystems”

Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts



NFT Collections Designed With Economics for Future Value!
FGS Games

FGS Games

AAA Games Designed to Push The Envelope of Gaming!


Metaverses Built for the Future Creator Economy!

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

Bringing a Whole New Era
Of Blockchain Solutions

Project Development
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Focusing solely on the key identified areas that will ensure the maximum impact for company and sector growth.
Building consumer, business, and investor-related products and technologies, designed to elevate the Web 3 blockchain space.



Creating products that assist in the mass adoption of blockchain technology. 
Using creative and diverse methodology, develop smart contract coding to
create new products and services.

An Ecosystem Designed to Reward Holders and Consumers

Funganomics is taking blockchain to a whole new level, with new economies, custom cool products and an unrivalled ecosystem to boot! If you want to become part of a new and exciting ecosystem, connect your wallet or follow us on socials to join our project.
Multi Network NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace and Collections Designed With Economics for Future Value! 

With the anticipated launch our NFT Marketplace later this year, with a newly designed front end and whole series of platform upgrades for NFT savvy Investors and traders. Creative and exclusive NFT collections that you’ll want to make sure you grab at launch. Enter your email to join our early bird list. 

  • Multi Network
  • Multi Platform
  • Exclusive Collections
  • Scaleable Economics
First AAA Gaming Launch

AAA Games Designed to Push The Envelope of Gaming! 

Gaming is going to get a lot more fun with Funganomics. Building a new era of top tiles with our next generation technologies. Built with love, dedication, intricate detailing and sustainable economics. Made for all gamers across all platforms, all made possible by our scalable systems and softwares.

  • 10 Sq Kilometre Gaming Environment
  • Web 3 Gaming Economics
  • Gaming Partners who've partnered with Fortnite for Launch 🚀
  • 3,000,000 gamers on game launch day
  • 500,000 gaming hours
Scalable Gaming Software

It doesn't stop there! With our scalable gaming solutions! 

Funganomics isn't just building a next generation Web 3 AAA games O no! Funganomics is actually building a series of games and Metaverses. Why? Because thats what we see as the future, new and exciting worlds where people can trade, play and explore.

  • 7 Foundational AAA Games
  • 10 Sq Kilometres Each 
  • New Gaming Economies
  • Designed for Gamers
Gamer Building Solutions

Web 3 Game Building Components 

As our ecosystem expands so will our technologies, this will provide an opportunity for Web 3 communities to build with us! Whether that be gamers, blockchain projects or even gaming studios. All made possible by the expansion of our ecosystem. 

This will give you unlimited possibilities to build within the gaming arena. With huge cost reductions compared to building natively and at a quicker pace! 

Welcome to the world of advanced gaming.

  • Speed
  • Cost Reductions
  • Environments
  • Assets
Next Generation Metaverses

Metaverse? I think you mean Fungaverse! 

Metaverses were all the hype last year, with good reason there is something about open world interoperable gaming ecosystems that just makes sense! 

A world where everything is intertwined, a world where assets are transferable, a world where your assets actually mean something. For us this means the Fungaverse! 

The next generation of creative and expansive open world environments, where you can create, explore and have fun! 

Something planned for later into our ecosystem, yet something we’ll be working on in the short term. 

  • Interoperability
  • Scalability
  • Expensive Worlds
  • The Fungaverse!
Secure Digital Wallet

The Only Wallet You’ll Ever Need, Built to Keep Your Assets Secure From the Baddies! 

Losing assets isn’t fun at all, we’ve all had it happen at one time or another, from network selection errors or bad actors. Our new wallet solves these problems, helping you keep your digital assets safe and secure with an uplifting peace of mind. Replacing the need for complicated and sometimes risky cold storage wallets. Whilst giving you a host of token and NFT trading and swap features.

  • Digital Hot Wallet
  • Built in Cold Facilities
  • Coin Trading Access

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